Another Monday EP

by The Milligrams

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released November 2, 2015

all songs written, performed, and produced by Wick Hill and Garrett Cook
mixed and produced by Alex Hatziyannis at The Greek's
tracks 3 and 5 feature Goldie B. on vocals
additional production and mixing on track 1 by André Obin
additional mixing on track 1 by Jordan Tishler at Digital Bear Entertainment
additional mixing on tracks 4 and 5 by Matthew Beaudoin at Q Division Studios
mastered by Alex Psaroudakis at M-Works Mastering



all rights reserved


The Milligrams Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Fresh Milk
i woke up this morning
fell asleep again
didn't get any warning they were after me again
i'm not the kind of man you love, the kind of man you hold
i'm the kind you cut open, full of candy and gold

i woke up this morning, it was the rapture once more
the world's ended so many times i feel like i've lost score
won't you come up and see me if you ain't got better plans
i think i'd look pretty dreamy as the invisible man

fresh milk today
jack jones gonna ease my sick away
i'm getting tired of grey
i hope it all turns out okay

i woke up this morning
can i tell you why?
thought i heard someone going through my supply
i went to investigate when i got knocked to the floor
guess that means it's time to change the locks on my door

fresh milk today
jack jones gonna ease my sick away
i'm getting tired of grey
i hope it all turns out okay
Track Name: It's The Same
it's the same
it's the same
wake up sweatin' dizzy tremblin'
day after day

people say
people say
they tell me
"kick it while you can"
but i'm still too afraid

come with me as you are
we'll trip the light all night in every JP hipster dive bar

last night I had another row with my girl
she said
"you don't understand that it's a complicated world"
i checked out, hit the bars and when i saw the news later
i just couldn't cope with Newtown so I called my dealer

come with me as you were
and we'll get back to where we started if we stick together

my television
pageantry of tragedy is playing ad infinitum

it's the same
it's the same
wake up sweatin' dizzy tremblin'
day after day
Track Name: You Don't Need To Think (Alex H. Remix)
think you got no place to go?
well thinking’s so last week bro
in here we’re having fun
all the jams are #1
so you don’t need to think
no you don’t need to think

need some shelter from the storm?
our body heat will keep you warm
pop is my philosophy
get up here and dance with me
cuz you don’t need to think
no you don’t need to think

Chaucer, Dante
who needs that shit?
this is L.A.
in the past we had ambition
now we’re all on television
cuz we don’t need to think
no we don’t need to think
Track Name: At Home In Graveyards
saw Audrey Hepburn, well i can’t say
think it was her because she rotted away
dressed like a cat in stolen dime store chic
it really shouldn’t have looked that bleak
she was the goddess type, the regal kind
i want the smile back that struck me blind

at home in graveyards
no future there
no white muslin ladies take me unaware

five shooting stars, a whole new place
man in my stomach play Amazing Grace
sat like a gargoyle protecting the door
my head and heart engaged in civil war
she was the shaman type, the scary kind
she was the only thing she couldn’t find

at home in graveyards
nobody goes
everything’s in permanent repose

my poor Ophelia never learned to swim
it seemed that drowning was her only whim
garland of flowers drifting down the stream
guess she was heavier than she seemed
she was the virgin type, the withered kind
sat back and watched as she declined

at home in graveyards
lonely everywhere else
i need the stories that each spirit tells

kind and wholesome, painfully pure
a little untried and a lot unsure
sanctified like a cathedral made flesh
i felt refined but didn’t feel refreshed
she was the angel type, the marrying kind
prayed so much that her faith resigned

at home in graveyards
nothing there to break
don’t need to compromise for safety’s sake

women come, women leave
tin soldiers drum and lawyers deceive
poetic type, tragic kind
with all these sonnets my death warrant’s signed

at home in graveyards
but your garden’s nice
leave me some flowers as a sacrifice
Track Name: It Girl
your man seems tired, a little ill at ease
he walked right past me, didn’t notice these
i don’t think the boy doesn’t like what he sees
you just gotta remember they’re too easy to please

you gotta ooze it out of every single pore
to be a queen you gotta be a whore
make them all cry out for more
and the ones who cry the loudest
they’re the ones to ignore

you gotta be a locomotive on a one track mind
don’t let him sleep alone when you’re so inclined
teach him again if he’s forgot to grind
and walk out before the check comes wherever you dine


you gotta get him 'til his eyes are nice and wide
close the door behind you then invite him inside
keep your position solidified
it’ll turn him into jelly when the rules are applied


you gotta be absolutely awash in sex
a feral feminine tyrannosaurus rex
you gotta be the chick your face reflects
and you’re guaranteed to be the one he selects


don’t while away your days when you’ve got feminine wiles
strut and shout commands like you’re the queen of the Nile
there’s no rule that says you can’t be a slut in style
and there’s nothing else so sacred as being defiled


you gotta let him think that you’ve let him win
look like a nun when it’s time to sin
wanna know where to begin?
you gotta make him cry his eyes out before he earns his grin